Purple Heart 

American Legion Post 201 is the home of the north Georgia Chapter 576. It is of the USAF Captain Hilliard A. Wilbanks chapter of a Congressionally Chartered group of Combat Wounded Veterans. We recognize recipients of the Purple Heart on our Walk of Memories here at Post 201.

Who loves his Country more than he who would shed his blood for that Country?

Chapter 576 meets on the 4th. Wednesday each month at 19:00 at American Legion Post 201.

The Purple Heart Foundation receives donations to benefit our veterans and their families. More information here.


American Legion 201 Walk of Memories

The Commander Of The Purple Hearts Forum

At the regular meeting of the American Legion Post 201, November 16, 1999, Rosanna Bassett, read an e-mail which was sent to me from one of the military bases. It was concerning Jane Fonda and her activities during the Viet Nam War. The commentary was critical of Ms. Fonda, who allegedly was to be honored as one of the One Hundred Women of the Century.

In a effort to clarify the issue and confirm that Ms. Fonda was indeed, to be honored, I contacted the Women’s Editor of the Atlanta Constitution. The Editor was not aware that Ms. Fonda was being honored in such a manner and referred me to Turner Broadcasting. After a number of calls, I was referred to Ms. Fonda’s personal secretary, who refused my call. I returned to Turner Broadcasting and was able to locate the young woman who schedules all of Ms. Fonda’s media appearances.

I was advised that Turner Broadcasting had aired a program in February, in which Ms. Fonda was honored as one of the most influential women. After asking about the nature of the honor, I learned that Ms. Fonda was honored for her leadership in securing women’s roles in film making. The honor further extended for her contribution to women’s health, through her exercise and health programs. I specifically asked if any issues relating to patriotism, Americanism or politics were involved. They replied that the emphasis was strictly related to influence of the honorees, upon women’s issues.

I contacted Executive Board Chairman, Charles Turner, and we discussed the issue. We concluded that it would be counter-productive as Legionnaires, to take a critical position against Ms. Fonda, under these particular circumstances. However, given that Ms. Fonda has chosen to reside in this area, we recommend that as Legionnaires we remain informed of any activities by Ms. Fonda, which we believe may not be in the best interest of POWs, or the American Legion.

Please let us know if you have any concerns, or questions concerning this issue

For God & Country.

Charles Turner

Executive Board Chairman Post 201 and State Commander of The Purple Heart.